Renewable Energy Experts for
Residential and Commercial
Solar Installations, Battery Backup
and Commercial Financing

Blue Sky Energy has been actively involved
in the Solar Power Energy Systems Industry since 2006

With our 35-year background in general and electrical contracting for residential, commercial and industrial installations, we have always been on the leading edge of integrating and installing sustainable building systems and custom energy efficiency services that create value for our clients.

Our building experience in solar power energy systems coupled with our knowledge of photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems
and custom installation methods gives us a thorough understanding of the design, incentives, entitlements and
value engineering that goes into the construction process.

Residential Services

Solar Energy For Your Home Is A Smart Investment

On average, utility rates in California have been going up 5% a year. Blue Sky Energy strives to ensure our clients get a 6% or more return on their investment per year.  Homeowners with a solar energy systems receive a 30% federal investment tax credit. Currently customers who install solar on their home generally recoup their initial in 5 to 12 years depending on who their utility is. Solar energy is also environmentally responsible: during a period of 25 years, a residential system will prevent on average 150 tons of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.

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Commercial Services

Commercial Solar Installations Provide High Return On Investment

If you are looking for an excellent investment and marketing and PR value, as well as tax incentives, installing solar on your commercial or industrial building is a no-brainer. Until the end of 2019, the owner of a commercial solar installation can take a 30% federal tax credit and depreciate 100% of the cost during the first year up to 1 million dollars. In addition, there are significant energy bill savings, often in the thousands. Commercial clients typically can expect a straight-line return on investment in 3-5 years.

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Battery Backup & Customized Solutions

Battery Backups Like A Tesla Powerwall Create Independence

A self-powered home combines both, solar energy and a battery backup system like a Tesla Powerwall. A battery system will provide power for your home during a blackout since solar panels themselves do not power your home during a power outage. During the day, solar panels produce energy to provide power for your home and charge the batteries. A battery backup system stores clean solar energy and makes it available on demand, even after the sun has set.

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What Our Are Clients Are Saying

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