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What Can a Battery System Do For You?

One evening last week I was at home enjoying the family and preparing dinner while a video of the Tour de France played in the background. Suddenly, the power went off. The lights are out, the TV is dark, the air conditioner and refrigerator are off, and there is no...

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How To Choose The Right Battery?

Before you choose a battery for your battery back up take a look at our comparison of battery technologies for your home and business Choosing the right battery is a crucial step in designing a safe and reliable primary or back-up power source for your...

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Which Battery Is Best For My Battery Back Up?

Before you decide which battery is best for your battery back up please compare the most common battery technologies for your home and business Since Tesla Energy released its Powerwall Battery system, we have witnessed a surge of interest in battery back-up systems...

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How to Prevent Roof Leaks When Installing Solar

One of the most common problems caused by substandard installation of solar is a leaking roof, often due to improperly waterproofed penetrations. While this sounds like a mouthful, I’ve broken it down to five easy tips that every home owner should know before...

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5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know Before Installing Solar

Homeowners can often feel confused about the many technical details and choices involved with installing a solar system. It can be overwhelming if your solar provider expects you to make decisions without offering much guidance. At Blue Sky Energy, we specialize in...

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Blue Sky Energy built, and installed a 9 kW PV array at my residence in Brentwood, California. The workmen, and supervisory personnel were all professional, and methodical in their approach to the design of their product resulting in a top notch installation in an expeditious manner.

Blue Sky was on top of the DWP rebate, tax credits, and permitting process. They were a pleasure to work with, and i would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in quality renewable energy. Their general contracting experience was evident from start to finish.

Ben Youngblood, Brentwood, CA