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We Take Pride In Supporting Our Customers And Making The World A Better Place, One Installation At A Time. 

For Home Owners:

Ask us if your property is right for solar and/or batteries. We can evaluate your roof without a site visit and if you are interested in Tesla batteries you may qualify for a time-limited rebate. It can’t hurt to ask!

For Renters:

Sorry we can’t install solar if you lease or rent. Ask your landlord if they are interested in installing solar.

For Architects, Designers, and Builders:

We specialize in making you look good and your designs are energy efficient. And, we pride ourselves in adding value to YOUR work with our high quality installations for our many celebrity and discerning clients. Ask us for our solar guidelines for builders or call us to run numbers for your current or planned projects.

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Gary Rochlin / Managing Partner
Tel  310-341-0002

Matthew Green / Project Manager



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