Solar is Better Energy for Your Business

Installing solar photovoltaic panels on your business is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and for the planet. Blue Sky Energy can help make your transition to solar energy easy and affordable. Custom purchasing options are available for your needs and budget, including custom leveraged solutions to $0 DOWN programs with payments less than you are currently paying your utility!

Cash Purchase – Own the System and the Energy

If you have available capital and tax appetite to absorb tax credits and accelerated or 100% depreciation, you may find cash purchases to be the best option. By avoiding third party expenses and interest rates – you can maintain complete control of your solar power system while realizing the highest savings from your solar investment.

Solar Loan

Solar loans offer significant savings with little or no upfront cost.  If you are taking out a loan, Blue Sky Energy has approved lending partners or can work with your existing lender to tailor a financing plan for a photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for your business.

Solar Lease

A solar lease allows organizations the ability to “lease-to-own” a solar system with little to no upfront costs, allowing you to reduce your initial capital investment. In many cases, the electrical savings generated from the solar system is more than what your monthly solar lease installment will be, creating an instant electricity savings!

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is perfect financing method for non-profits who want to go solar. A third party can monetize the tax credits and depreciation and pass those savings on to the user. A PPA affords you the opportunity to install solar power at your facility without paying upfront costs or worrying about system operation and maintenance. For the duration of your contract (typically 15-20 years), you’ll enjoy lower, stable electricity rates along with the renewable, green energy generated from your solar power system.


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The people at Blue Sky Energy are knowledgeable, helpful, professional, reliable, courteous, clean, and efficient. They handled every single detail from start to finish, making the entire process super easy for me. They kept me informed at every stage along the way (including photographs!), the quality of their workmanship was superior, and their pricing was very competitive. I have already referred them to some of my friends, and I highly recommend them! My husband and I are thrilled with our new solar installation.

Dori M.

Beverly Hills