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Before you choose a battery for your battery back up take a look at our comparison of battery technologies for your home and business

Choosing the right battery is a crucial step in designing a safe and reliable primary or back-up power source for your home or small business. Previously, I wrote about the different types of batteries available on the market for power systems. Now we are going to discuss how you can determine the type of battery and the size of system that will best suit your needs. Below are a few guidelines that will help you decide:


  • Determine what you want to back up and for how long (how many hours or days of autonomy you require). This will help ensure you get the right size of system for your needs. For example, backing up a refrigerator, a few electronics, and specific lights in your home for 10 hours requires significantly less power than if you want to store enough energy to power your entire home for two days.
  • How much maintenance can you commit to? Lead Acid batteries need to be taken care of regularly. We compare this to having another pet because there is a strict and time-consuming protocol to follow in order to properly care for Lead Acid batteries. They will also need to be replaced more often than Lithium Ion or Sodium Ion batteries.
  • What is your price point? It is rarely advertised (and therefore often overlooked) that in most larger systems the batteries are ONLY ONE PART of the system. You still need to install a load center, charge controller, inverter, and an automatic transfer switch (ATS) in addition to your solar panels. These other expenses can be triple the amount of the cost of the batteries.
  • Cycle Life is also a critical consideration. This determines the number of discharge/charge cycles the battery can provide before it degrades in efficiency and eventually needs to be replaced.

Of course, when you invest in battery system, you want to make sure it is installed properly from the very start. Choose a certified installer who has first-hand experience installing batteries and back-up systems.

Blue Sky Energy is local to the Pacific Palisades / Los Angeles area. As renewable energy experts with years of experience installing solar systems, we are passionate about solar power and would like to be your renewal energy partner. We follow the latest technological advancements in order to assess which are fads and which are going to deliver the long-term results our clients want. We gladly offer advice so that you can chose the right battery and let us take care of the installation process of your solar or battery system.

This is one of our custom solutions that we installed for a whole house backup with three days of autonomy.

Remember, with 2015 being the warmest year on record, global warming and rising energy costs are not just buzzwords. They are reality. Take advantage of tax credits and easy financing while they are available and install your solar system right away. Not only will you save money sooner, you will reduce your carbon footprint and be doing your part to protect the planet.

If you want to know the right solar solution for your home or business please, please contact us at Blue Sky Energy.